Wood Burn (Pyrography)

Woodburning Units

All of the adjustable heat woodburning units are constructed in the same manner.  A transformer controls the power to a burning pen and tip.    

The transformer/controller reduces the power that is sent through the cord to the hand piece (pen) and tip.  There is a lot of discussion about selecting a higher wattage device.  Decide how much power you need.  More is not always better.  

Here is a list of the machines on the market and where they can be purchased: Razortip, Colwood, Detailmaster, Nibsburner, Optima, and Everglades.   I use two type of pens (Ball tip and Skew tip) for almost everything that I make.

I own an Optima which I've used for six years without a problem .  
I draw at low heat and carve (faux leather, fur, and feathers) at extremely high heat.
All of the brands will work equally well for my classes.  

Burning Pens and Points.

All of my woodburning (pyrography) classes use a ball shader tip and a rounded edge skew (or spear point with a rounded profile).   If you do not own a ball tip shader, bring a writing tip.   The size of the ball shader will not make a difference in my classes.

Adjustable Power Units 
Here are the most common brands and where you can buy them.   They all work well and most pens can be adapter to all power devices.  Consult the seller for help in mixing and matching cords, pens,, and power units.  Pens can come fixed or removable tips.


Wood Carvers Supply:  http://www.woodcarverssupply.com/


Colwood:  http://woodburning.com/

Mountain Woodcarvers: http://www.mountainwoodcarvers.com/colwood.htm

Detail Master

Detail Master On-Line http://www.detailmasteronline.com/


Arizona Gourds: http://www.arizonagourds.com/Woodburners.html


Nibsburner:  http://www.nibsburner.com/

Mountain Woodcarvers: http://www.mountainwoodcarvers.com/nibsburner.htm


Turtle Feathers: http://www.turtlefeathers.net/

Carver Tools: http://www.carvertools.com/


Sawdust Connection:  http://www.sawdustconnection.com/

Treeline USA: http://www.treelineusa.com/index.php

There is a good comparison chart on the Saw Dust connection Website


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