Teaching Schedule and Class Notes

2014 Teaching Schedule  
April 26
Ghost Creek Gourd Festival - South Carolina Gourd Society
Laurens SC
Weeping Willow, Blowin' In the Wind

July 1 & 2 Cypress Patch - Sumter, SC - A two day event
Leather Rose & A New Leaf 

September 17-21, 2014 Florida Gourd Retreat - As Featured Artist
Deer Haven Retreat in Paisley, FL
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 Below are pictures and descriptions of the classes
I grew up in Savannah ,Georgia near the ocean and salt water marshes where my father carried me fishing - He loved to fish and I loved to draw -
so I carve and teach a LOT of saltwater related art.  It's in my blood.

Ocean Reef

This is an advanced relief carving and pyrography class that will require 6-8 hours to complete
Blowin' in the Wind

This is a pyrography and etching class of oak leaves and wind. 
Diving Dolphin

This is the 2014 new beginner class for relief carving
This class uses a smooth sanded background and carved current ridges in the style of Bonnie Gibson's sand ridges (taught with Bonnie's permission).  Beginners can ommit the ridge, but intermediate students will enjoy the challenge.
Leather Treasure

Faux tooled leather design on a cannon ball gourd.  This is a pyrography class that uses the skew and ball point burning pens.  The technique was developed in Texas and used extensively on the gourd art of Sylvia Gaines and Hellen Martin.  Sandy Taylor and Troy Tatum teach the technique in Georgia and surrounding areas. 
Weeping Willow - Chip and Figure Carving

Two different sized U gouges (1/8 and 1/4 inch) are used to create the chip surround and willow tree.  The class include only one tree, but more advanced students can try for one on each side of the gourd. 
Leather Rose 
A non-traditonal faux leather effect depicts roses that are burned and a carved background.  The highlights and stiches are lightly carved and high-lighted with paint.  The background and flowers are enhanced with dye. 
Beginners would carve only the central design - advanced challenge include the rim carving. 
Ocean Angel

This is a beginner to intermediate carving design that I've used before, but the current is carved around the gourd.  The whole design can't be completed in one class.  

Clown Fish Reef

The Clown fish design appears simple but involves advanced techniques for the Gourders looking for a challenge.  The design includes pyrography, painting, dying, carving (filigree & relief), and a sanded background.

Rising Turtle (ocean sun, rising turtle)

Depicts a turtle swimming toward the sun as seen from under the water's surface.  The Gourd should be at least 1/4 inch thick, at least 6 inches tall, and at least 5 inches of surface width.   A 3" opening in the top of the gourd is best, but larger openings are OK.  There are several different sized patterns of the design to use.

Ocean Current

This is a good beginners class that is also fun.   The gourd should be 1/4 thick and large enough for a 5" circle.  A 3" opening in the top of the gourd is best, but larger openings are OK.   All of the burrs that you will need for the class will be furnish. 
We will use a selection of different sand colors and sea shells.

This is an intermediate and advanced course that moves the student toward deep carving techniques.  To fully execute the design requires a 3/8" thick gourd.  A thinner gourd can be used by reducing the number of levels in the relief.

A New Leaf

This is an intermediate level  carving class.  The pattern is 7 inches by 6 inches.  The gourd can be cut or whole and 1/4 thick or slightly thinner.  
Sun Burst - Chip Carving

This is a fairly complicated design for a beginner.  Be patient while laying out the design.  The gourd can be open or cut - it should not be thin.  The gourd should allow for a 6 inch circle.  The best gouge for the pattern is a flexcut 1/4 #11 U shaped gouge.  We use leather dye to stain the gourd so bring an apron or smock.
(This is a 6 hour class)

The design is a hand drawn design carved around the gourd.  Five to six hours should allowed for a class to complete the whole design.  The cut opening should be 3" diameter to allow for a votive glass and candle.

You can find information on techniques, tools and sample tutorials on the 

Free Tutorial Links: Gold N Color Peacock - Tutorial   or  Golden Carp - Tutorial
Oak leaves your way
Retired June 2013 - now a free tutorial

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