Reggie's Family & Gourd Story

Janet's rabbit

Shannon's rabbit
(Our daughter wanted a rabbit)

Gracie Mae ,
our cat, helps me burn on gourds and weave on gourds as long as I pet her and let her sleep

I found her abandoned in a parking lot, picked her up, she purred - Now she lives with us.
I've made the majority of my gourd creations for friends and to show at festivals.  

I've been crafting gourds for 17 years and trying to create gourd art for the last 7 ears.

 My wife brought home a gourd Santa 17 years ago.   So I made Christmas gourds.  Then Janet wanted a big gourd rabbit for her class room for Easter.  I went to the Gourd Retreat Southern Style and learned about pyrography and made this rabbit. 

My first competition gourd was a variation of Janet's rabbit.  The bunny was made from several gourds and DAS clay.

Personal Stories

Janet and I are retired and have been married 48 years and have two daughters (Shannon and Michelle) and three grandchildren: Matthew (19), Taylor (13)  Christian (13) plus two grandchildren JB (23) Samantha (21) and twin great-grand-daughters. 

Alexandria is on the right and Cassidy is on the left.


Our daughters live in Alpharetta, GA and Weatherford, TX. We combine family visits with gourd events and other gourd artists.  
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