Kerr Art and Cultural Center - Kerville, Texas

e entered the selections below in the Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show from May 24 to July 8. 

The friendly hospitality was great! from the time we unloaded the gourds on Monday.  The Saturday awards and reception were a wonderful surprise.  Three of my gourds placed.  The Snow Leopards were awarded Best of Show, the Cougars were 1st place in carving, and the Navajo were 3rd place in Native American, and I received the best newcomer award.  

I met and talked with so many wonderful gourd artists that I can hardly wait to get home and try out some new ideas.  

Link to all Kerr Gourd Art entries

Best of Show
Snow Leopards of Tibet combines three carvings of snow leopards and Tibetan lotus petals and flames normally found on temple walls and carpets.

First Place: Carving and People's Choice
South West Cougars
combines four carved mountain lions surrounded with Native American symbols and faux basketry.

3rd Place Native American
Navajo Silversmith
 is a wood-burned design depicting a Navajo squash necklace, three silversmiths, and a man and young woman wearing the traditional necklace.  The design revolves around the top of the gourd that is cut as though it is a woman's neck draped with a blanket.

 Hawaiian Ipu Heke is a  Hula gourd drum decorated with intermingled ocean animals and ocean waves surrounding a turtle containing a Tiki.  The drum is held by the attached rope and is used to keep the rhythm of the dance.  It did not receive an award in Kerrville, but was judged Best of Show and Best of Grand Masters in the 2012 Georgia Gourd Show.

Pueblo Night Hawk is painted with dyes and inks depicting feathers and symbols found on Pueblo pottery.   There are four hawks each decorated with different Native american symbols.

Chinese Panda utilizes two carvings and two colored drawings on a gourd depicting Chinese Panda's.  The drawn figures shown typical Chinese settings were made using a wood burning tip and colored with oil pencils.

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