Gourd Lore and History

Gourds were domesticated by men over 10,000 years ago.  The gourds provided dry storage, eating utensils, liquid containers, flotation devices, musical instruments, and art objects.  Every place that man traveled, they carried gourds with them.  Gourds were so much a part of early civilizations that they became part of numerous creation stories.  Even today gourds are considered mystical objects in some parts of the world.  

I'm always on the lookout for something new to learn.  If you share my curiosity, you can read what I have learned.   I try to get permission to use pictures and information from other sites.  If you see something that I should not have copied, let me know and I'll remove it. (southerngourds@gmail.com)

Click on the links below to read the gourd story.


North & South America

The Drinking Gourd, a Gourd of Hope

Can you spare a Gourde?

Gourd Dance Honoring Veterans

Gourd Home - Purple Martins

Gourd Water Drum

Oaxacan Gourds and Carving

Percy Medina, A Story to Tell


Lord of the Gourd

Charming Gourds - Lucky 8 

Chinese Molded Gourds

Europe and other

Ghoulish Gourd: The Blood of Louis XVI

Gourd Snuff

Gourd Sounds
Gourd Strings
Magic Elixar
Magic Gourd
Tupperware, Canteens, and Flasks
Double Dip
Triple Moonlight
Crickets and art
Gourd High?
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