Geometric Angel

Pyrography (wood buring) Exercise using an adjustable heat tool.

Burning a Geometric Angel on an Egg Gourd

Draw the angle on one side of the egg gourd.  The angel shape is formed by drawing a series of figure 8, heart, circle and oval.   When you complete the pencil outline, use a rounded skew to burn the outline.  Erase your pencil lines.   Adjust the heat so that the pen moves freely.  Use a skew tip pen to  follow the lines on the egg gourd surface only scorch the surface to darken the outline.   You can stop now or add shading or decorative details with a ball tip burning pen.

Shading is controlled by stroke, speed, pressure, and heat.  To create a shaded area there are four strokes or movements of the pen – circular, dots, single straight line, and lines in a cross hash pattern.

 GENTLY make contact the surface with your pen at the darkest area and life the pen from the surface in lifting motion.   Some artist prefer to burn at an extremely high heat.  Some artists prefer to begin at a very low heat and slowly increase the heat to create the shading effect.  Make the pen glide over the surface.
Do not bear down on the pen. 
Make continuous motions - do not stop (unless you plan to make a dimple.) 
Start your line or shading in a dark area - then lift the pen at the end of your line.

Beginner or experienced artist should begin burning at the lowest heat that produces a light scorch mark on the gourd surface.  Gradually increase your heat to produce the desired result.   Below are examples of Angles with a variety of decorative details.

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