Carving Burs and Gouges

Power Carving Burrs to use for the Ocean Angel and Turtle Rising Classes
(I finish a loaner packet of these burrs for my power carving classes - 
I do not sell the burrs or tools)

I've bought great burrs from Arizona Gourds, Widgit Supply, Mountain Wood Carvers, and Dremel suppliers.

Inverted Cones used in my classes

Widget is no longer carrying the D-CC09.  I've found a substitute 2.7MM diameter 3/32 shank inverted diamond cone bur by Stuller.  

Structured tooth carbide, ball , and wheel cutter used in class.

More burrs - These two burrs are used in my 2013 classes

  Filigree cutters used in class.  There are many excellent burrs to do this job.  I use these because they are easy to describe to students.

 Arizona Gourds - 

Mountain Woodcarvers - 

Widgit supply -
Gourd Chip Carving Gouges are made by several manufacturers for wood carving.  The most commonly used gouge is a 1/4 U.  Warning - all 1/4 U gouges are not the same size!

The best gouges that I've used are made by Flexcut, Drake, and Ramelson.  They are made from high grade steel and hold the cutting edge.  You can buy other gouges for less money, but those less expensive gouges will not perform as well.  The gouges come with two types of handles (palm and straight).  

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