Photo above taken from my shop window in beautiful Metter, Ga
Welcome to my website

Hi - This software version of my website is obsolete and I'm going to be building it in version 7.  I have until December 28 to complete.  So from time to time thiay disappear while Im moving things to the newer program - wish me luck!

I am constantly awed by the beautiful gourd art that is produced.  
My wife and I are fifth generation Southerners and proud of where we live.  We want this website to show what our region does with gourds. 
I create and teach gourd art.

 All gourd lovers are welcome to place your contact information in this site.   We want to share photo's of gourd events and links to articles, teachers, artists, suppliers, galleries, and growers. 

I'm not selling Raw 
 Gourds or Gourd Supplies.  I do sell my gourd art shown on this page and provide a listing my teaching schedule.

      We feature gourd activities in the South in a monthly newsletter: 
Sign up for our monthly "Out and About" newsletter that will emphasize southern gourd events, feature artists, techniques, and gourd history.   

The Gallery Pages will show more of my gourd art and craft work.

We are members of the American Gourd Society, Georgia Gourd Society, South Carolina Gourd Society, and Florida Gourd Society.

If you have art or events to dispay, you can e-mail me at , or use the form on the contact page.

Thanks and keep gourdin'
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